Grenada grabs gold, NZ relegated to Silver

As expected, a country with a small population has grabbed the top medal position when Grenada (population, 104,000) grabbed a gold.  WIth a medals per million score of 9.6 they are only likely to be beaten by a country with even smaller population.  Meanwhile, Jamaica has moved into 5th position with 5 medals, all in athletics.  If this was health stats, then these two situations would be examples of “outliers.”  Worthy of study in and of themselves, but having a distorting influence on the overall population statistics.  Also of interest is that perhaps Great Britain is reaching a plateau, meanwhile China continues to fall as sports they are not traditionally strong in dominate the second week of competition.

3 thoughts on “Grenada grabs gold, NZ relegated to Silver

    1. John Pickering Post author

      Sorry if not clear Mike. Simply this is the ranking of the country on the “medals per capita” or “medals per million population” as I calculate it. Grenada has 1 medal for a pop of about 100,000 and therefore a medals per million approaching 10. This is the largest number of any country, therefore they are in 1st place (Rank 1). I put the Y axis with 1 on the top just for presentation’s sake.


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