Of the writing of blogs there is no end.  So why another? Because I can and because the world needs $100 Dialysis.  $100 Dialysis is a vision.  I try and articulate this in the first blog post.  Expect other blogs on the topic.

I also write because as a publicly funded scientist I believe I have a responsibility to be public about what I do.  At some stage I shall try and share (in lay language) just what I do to justify my existence – my bit of the exploration project called science.  For those who want a sneak preview you can find links to most of my papers on google citations.

I also aim to blog on some other science and political issues, particularly concerning medicine and health.  One of my interests is in the motivations of scientists and I hope to persuade some colleagues to articulate what motivates them to dedicate their lives to science.    As to what might else appear…let there be mystery.

For the record:

Associate Professor Dr John W Pickering, BSc(Hons), PhD (Canterbury; Physics), BA(Hons) (Gloucestershire; Theology)

Department of Medicine
University of Otago Christchurch
New Zealand

Emergency Department
Christchurch Hospital
New Zealand

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